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We offer several 2-Day classes throughout the year. Classes are open to anyone who can benefit from the training. The need is great for UNDERSTANDING JURISDICTION ON TRIBAL LANDS. Course Topics Include: Public Safety Issues on Tribal Lands; History of the Evolution of Criminal Jurisdiction on Tribal Lands, Tribal Sovereignty & Jurisdiction; Tribal Protection Orders
Tuition Cost: $157 per participant (Tuition includes a 350-page resource guide - a $24 value). The course is California POST certified, and Cal State San Marcos University, California Indian Culture & Sovereignty Center (CICSC) gives a certificate of completion to all participants.
Space is limited, so those interested in attending will want to sign up soon.

Course Description:

Indian tribal communities face obstacles ...

unknown to most other communities throughout the United States. A complex web of criminal jurisdiction has been spun through historical policies and practices of the federal government toward Native Americans. The unfortunate result of this convoluted criminal justice system is the existence of critical gaps that have created chronic crime problems on Indian reservations.
One element affecting over half of all federally recognized Indian tribes that has added to jurisdictional confusion and frustration is the federal law, Public Law 83-280 (PL 280). In 1953 the  U.S. Congress passed PL 280 which interjected state criminal jurisdiction on tribal lands. This course will help participants understand the convoluted federal, state and tribal jurisdiction that exists today on tribal lands through a user-friendly format. Participants will be equipped with an overall knowledge of the historical, cultural and legal aspects of working with tribal governments and their communities for effective and practical public safety implementation.

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